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    Google Play Store Drops AdFree

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    Google Play Store Drops AdFree Empty Google Play Store Drops AdFree

    Post by tipstir on Wed Aug 28, 2013 1:43 pm

    Seems you can't download Adfree from Google Play Store or can you get it the latest version from 1 Mobile Market either. But hope is not at a lost. You can down get it off the Adfree site for free. You could download it to the tablet or better yet you can download it to your PC then use the Android app called File Manager by Rhythm Software then use Network tab scan your network then hit back button and then select the IP that has your download files. Click on the adfree.apk that's it.

    Make sure you uninstall the prior version of Adfree. Tablet does need to be rooted prior along with SuperUser installed.

    Those of you who have my ROMs will get a new HOST file ready to go, but Adfree will update that file with new code.

    Software App Source: Adfree


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