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    What's under the hood of these new Cell phones for 2017

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    What's under the hood of these new Cell phones for 2017

    Post by tipstir on Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:04 pm

    What's under the hood? Why are we just giving less specs of what's powering these devices?

    MPU - Octa, Quad, Dual?

    I've ditched my ZTE ZMAX Pro for T-Mobile REVVLPLUS C3701A sports MPU Octa core at 2.0 GHz, 2GB of DDR3/4, 32 GB Nanda / 128 GB XD (64 GB in mine), Triple Cams 8 mp in the front dual in the back 13 mp plus 5 mp = 18 mp. Along with finger print sensor. I wanted 6" IPS, larger battery this one has it the battery last a lot longer than the ZMAX Pro did. Plus feels right in my palms of my hands the weight is less also. I am not impressed with iPhone or Samsung overly priced cell phones. I am not paying $850 or $30 a month lease. Nuts to pay that! I had to buy two phones that's like $60 a month and $1700 for two cells come on get real. I want something that works gives me speed and sounds good this one does. Plus functions with the latest Android 7.0.1. They told me I can trade up to Samsung S8 Plus any time, well not really a fan of that brand. Not much choice today. Until the transparent cell tech comes out I'll wait and see. But I am not going to settle for 5.0 HD, 5.5 HD just too tiny to see.



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